How to style your home with flower vases

  For your home to feel elegant, it needs to have some beautiful colors splashed on the walls. You need to adorn your living space with quality interior lighting and add a touch of nature to it. That’s where exceptional flower vases come in. Interestingly, you can use flower vases to bring life into your living space with plants, flowers, and other natural elements.
1. Splash color and add life to your living room  
To bring life to any room in your home, use bright colors that will make your space look bright and lively. Bright colors will not just help you to escape during the day, they'll also help you express your love for Mother Nature and greenery.
This Nordic, geometric-curved ceramic flower vase is a good option for your living room decoration. It is European-styled, handcrafted, and spacious enough to keep dried flower arrangements. Available in white and blue colors.
While home decoration is fun and creative, interior decor can also be expensive, rigorous, and time-consuming. Many don't have the time or money to invest in home decorating, but they still want to make their space feel and look more special.
Luckily, flower vases are one of the many ways to adorn your space without breaking the bank. Using flowers as ornaments is beautiful. You can arrange them into bouquets and flower vases, use them as table centerpieces, or whatnot.
 You can consider this creative, sturdy glass vase or buy this golden vertical line vase. 

If you are looking for ideas on how to fill up a vacuum in your living room,
there are a few things you can do.
One of them is to convert the unused
space into an indoor garden with artificial flowers. Indoor gardens have been found
to be an excellent way to conserve space
and create the illusion of more space in your home.

Whether atop your table, shelf,
or anywhere in your home,
you can adorn your space with ceramic vases,
goblet glass vases, or transparent geometric vases. This continental crystal glass vase,
which comes with add-on accessories,
is sure to add luxury appeal. . 

 4. Evoke a Sense of Calm & Inspiration
There are many ways to evoke a sense of calm, inspiration, or luxury. You can explore several colors and shapes of flower vases to evoke moods, feelings, and emotions in people.

Color: For example, the orange color is associated with spontaneity, eagerness, and optimism. And so will this creative, orange-colored flower vase. The blue color signifies peace, enthusiasm, and compassion, and so will this blue Nordic flower vase.


Select the purple-colored, lily glass flower vase as a representation of royalty or luxury. Or its green variant to signify balance or nature. 

Shapes: Different shapes have different meanings as well - circles represent unity while triangles represent strength and stability while squares represent stability and security while diamonds represent wealth and luxury.

 Check out the circle-shaped Nordic flower vase or this triangular Nordic glass flower vase. You can also buy this diamond-shaped European glass vase to depict wealth and luxury. 

Selecting flower vases of different colors and shapes can help attune the ambiance in your office or living space. Feel free to explore several collections of flower vases from Nano Somi Paragon's online store today.