About Us



We are here to elevate the design of your house. Our belief is to change the atmosphere of your house and make it an elated one. The pleasing-looking objects in the house make a good impact on your mood. Decorated homes give you great satisfaction. Our products will make your house mesmerizing and you will have an inspiring lifestyle. You can witness the admiration in the eyes of onlookers. Our home decor products will outright uplift the beauty of your house.


What does your house mean?


Nano Somi believes ‘A House’ is a precious and most advantageous space for any human. In this era of fierce competition, House recharges you for everyday fights of a particular endeavor. House is the place where you live the dearest moments of your life. House makes you feel secure, it is a resort where you find peace. That’s why we come up with the solution so your beloved house becomes perfect to satisfy you and provide you with genuine happiness and carefree rest.


Welcome to Nano Somi, You will get optimal quality, reliable, and extremely stylish interior accessories. All our products are the pure example of gorgeousness, the epitome of reliability and excellence. We have a great variety of interior decoration products, so your house can become an inspiring house. Get these products at the very best prices because your happiness is our goal.


Thank you.